A Dream to Move Towards

After working privately as a graphic artist, I (Meghan) relocated to Sacramento to continue my college education. As a result, I ended up jumping from job to job in retail, customer service, and hospitality building a career that paid the bills and put food on the table. Consequently, I left my artistic occupation behind and forgot about what I truly love doing; which is drawing characters and graphic design.

Till one day I woke up and realized I need to get that artistic outlet back... and eventually make it my primary occupation. It was during this time that I realized Planning (which I was always obsessed with) had evolved from the standard Franklin Covey that I grew up with to something more customizable. The 9 year old inside me with her Lisa Frank trapper Keeper jumped for joy when I discovered that there were still adults collecting and "playing" with stickers. Even more so when I realized that people were successfully making a business model from creating/selling stickers from their homes.

While I still work long hours maintaining my current career in Hospitality, each night I work on different designs to grow and expand my dream. All of which are hand made and designed by me. I don't release a new product till I'm completely happy with how it looks. Even if that means I miss a seasonal opportunity due to the design sitting "unfinished" in my computer.

And as corny as this sounds... with every notification I receive via the Etsy App on my phone, I feel that I'm one step closer to achieving it. For that, I thank you all.

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